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Products & Service

Private Wealth Management

Discretionary Investment Management Service

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited (the “Company”) provides discretionary investment management services to the professional investors. This service is a kind of investment portfolio arrangement in which the investment manager makes the buy-sell decisions without referring to the account owner for every transaction.

The clients appoint the Company as their investment managers to perform the professional discretionary investment management services described under the terms and conditions of the Discretionary Investment Management Agreement. The Company is responsible for the investment and reinvestment of those assets of the clients designated by the clients to be subject to our management in accordance with the clients’ investment needs, goals and horizons.

The clients delegate to the Company all of its powers with regard to the investment and reinvestment of the assets and appoints the Company as the client’s attorney and agent in fact granted by the power of attorney with discretionary trading authority over the clients’ accounts, without prior consultation with the clients, to buy, sell, or otherwise effect investment transactions involving the assets in the clients’ names and for the clients’ accounts.

The Company is a specialist in developing and managing tailor-made investment portfolios to meet different risk appetite investors’ requirements.

Unlisted Investment Product Selling Service

The Company has entered into distribution agreements with the renowned asset management companies including the related company, Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited, to be appointed as their authorized intermediaries to sell their managed authorized and unauthorized funds to the general investors and professional investors respectively. The Company also provides fixed income products such as government bonds and corporate notes and other different kind of investment products to the interested investors.

The Company employs experienced and well qualified professional team to help investors finding and understanding the investment product information and actual needs in order to satisfy their expected investment return, risk tolerance and desired asset allocation of the investment portfolios.